On-Line Giving

To use on-line giving, read the instructions below, and then log into our Church Community Builder web site at this location:


Do not select the Mobile Login, since it currently does not allow access to the giving options. Just use the full site.

  • If you don’t have a login account, use the Sign Up link and we’ll get that set up for you as soon as possible.
  • If you’ve forgotten your account information, select that link and we’ll help you retrieve or reset it.

Once you’re logged in, click the Give menu option on the left; it also shows up as an icon with a little dollar sign inside a circle.

Notice that you have two tabs to choose from – the Give tab and the Schedules/History tab.

On the Give tab, select either One-time or Repeating Gift. Here’s a hint – You can select repeating gift and choose an upcoming date to give a one-time gift in the future.

In the Gift Amount section, use the Choose Designation arrow to select the specific fund, such as Tithes and Offerings, just like on the front of our offering envelopes. Click in the Giving Amount box and enter the dollar amount of your gift. Note that you can split your gift by clicking the Add another link. This allows you to add an amount to your gift for the Building Fund, or Missions, etc. – just like on our offering envelopes.


Click Continue.

Next, select Checking Account or Debit/Credit Card by clicking the Payment Type line.

We strongly recommend using the Checking Account approach, since all your gift comes directly to the church. You can use a Debit or Credit Card, but those companies keep about 3% of your amount, so your gift is less effective for our church ministries (even though the bankers are happy).

Your contact information is loaded from your profile, but please make any corrections necessary, and check the Update box if you do make changes.

  • For Checking Account gifts, enter your checking account information. The Save Information check box is only available for one-time gifts.
  • For Debit/Credit Card gifts, enter your card info. Here again, the Save Information check box is only available for one-time gifts.

Check the box to authorize the payment, and press Continue. A pop-up box will be displayed, summarizing the gift, and asking you to Confirm. You also have the chance to Cancel at his point.

When the transaction is confirmed, you will receive an email message summary. You can also then go to the Schedules/History tab to see the details.