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  1. MP3 Overcoming FearPastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 10-18-17
  2. MP3 The Power of God is in the Gospel of ChristPastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 10-15-17
  3. MP3 Principles for Bearing FruitBrother Ashley Dixon Wednesday p.m. 10-11-17
  4. MP3 IntegrityPastor Joel Urshan Sunday p.m. 10-08-17
  5. MP3 United in PurposePastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 10-08-17
  6. MP3 The Nature of God – God is HolyPastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 10-04-17
  7. MP3 Cast Down But Not DestroyedPastor Joel Urshan Sunday p.m. 10-01-17
  8. MP3 Wheat by the WinepressPastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 10-01-17
  9. MP3 Praise Time is Now!Brother Arlie Enis Wednesday p.m. 09-27-17
  10. MP3 The Coming of the LordPastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 09-24-17
  11. MP3 The Nature of God – God is LovePastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 09-20-17
  12. MP3 The Judgment of GodPastor Joel Urshan Sunday p.m. 09-17-17
  13. MP3 Holy GroundPastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 09-17-17
  14. MP3 The Nature of God – God is GreatPastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 09-13-17
  15. MP3 Grace is Where We GrowPastor Joel Urshan Sunday p.m. 09-10-17
  16. MP3 Spiders in the King’s PalacePastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 09-10-17
  17. MP3 The Nature of God – God is OnePastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 09-06-17
  18. MP3 An Unexpected CrossReverend Tom Ellis Sunday a.m. 09-03-17
  19. MP3 Stolen IdentityBrother Charlie Tierney Wednesday p.m. 08-30-17
  20. MP3 The Chariot of RevelationPastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 08-27-17
  21. MP3 Redeeming the TimePastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 08-23-17
  22. MP3 The Battles That Build UsPastor Joel Urshan Sunday p.m. 08-20-17
  23. MP3 Where Faith StandsPastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 08-20-17
  24. MP3 Freedom From FailureBrother Ashley Dixon Wednesday p.m. 08-16-17
  25. MP3 An Ark EncounterBrother Mark Purdy Sunday p.m. 08-13-17






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