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    1. MP3 Ready NowBrother Brian Duvall Wednesday p.m. 02-21-18
    2. MP3 A House of Prayer for All PeoplePastor Joel Urshan Sunday p.m. 02-18-18
    3. MP3 Embracing Our Purpose: Bearing Much FruitPastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 02-18-18
    4. MP3 Importunity in PrayerBrother Fazel Culbreath Wednesday p.m. 02-14-18
    5. MP3 It Is WrittenBrother Charlie Tierney Sunday p.m. 02-11-18
    6. MP3 Embracing Our Purpose: The Leaves of the Tree of LifePastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 02-11-18
    7. MP3 Love Not the WorldPastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 02-07-18
    8. MP3 The Serpant and The SaviorPastor Joel Urshan Sunday p.m. 02-04-18
    9. MP3 The Patriot’s Prowess or The Wings of an EaglePastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 02-04-18
    10. MP3 Good Habits, Strong Disciplines, Mature Christians, Week 4Pastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 01-31-18
    11. MP3 Embracing Our Purpose: The BranchesPastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 01-28-18
    12. MP3 Good Habits, Strong Disciplines, Mature Christians, Week 3Pastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 01-24-18
    13. MP3 An Echo from the Days of AbiatharBrother Justin Meadors Sunday p.m. 01-21-18
    14. MP3 Embracing Our Purpose: We Shall Be Like a TreePastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 01-21-18
    15. MP3 Good Habits, Strong Disciplines, Mature Christians, Week 2Pastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 01-17-18
    16. MP3 When Faith and Feelings CollidePastor Joel Urshan Sunday p.m. 01-14-18
    17. MP3 Embracing Our Purpose, Rooted and Grounded in LovePastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 01-14-18
    18. MP3 The VisionaryPastor Joel Urshan Sunday p.m. 01-07-18
    19. MP3 Embracing Our Purpose: It Starts with a SeedPastor Joel Urshan Sunday a.m. 01-07-18
    20. MP3 Good Habits, Strong Disciplines, Mature Christians, Week 1Pastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 01-03-18
    21. MP3 No Vision, No VictoryBrother Mike Easter Sunday p.m. 12-31-17
    22. MP3 Rapture ReadyBrother Mike Easter Sunday a.m. 12-31-17
    23. MP3 Fit for the KingdomBrother Nathaniel Urshan Sunday a.m. 12-24-17
    24. MP3 True Meaning of ChristmasPastor Joel Urshan Wednesday p.m. 12-20-17
    25. MP3 Chasing God’s HeartBrother Charlie Tierney Sunday a.m. 12-17-17






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