Our Values

We try to keep it uncomplicated. Here are five simple values that we adhere to in all we do. Every day, every situation. They are bedrock beliefs that guide our every step. If you want more information about us … our views, beliefs, or doctrine … just ask.

Gracious Love

We’re the friendly church. Really!

We know how difficult it can be as a visitor to walk into a room full of strange faces. Those first few minutes can seem like hours unless someone makes it a point to connect with us. We’re sensitive to that need and have a gift for making people feel comfortable in our presence. When you walk through our door, you will be warmly received by people who genuinely care about you. In fact, they are not only glad to see you, they’ve been praying you’d come. We do need to warn you that you will only get one shot at being the visitor. After that, you’re a friend. Really.

Spiritual Growth

If we’re not learning, we’re not growing.

We achieve growth through anointed preaching and teaching. That’s a church word that mean we believe the Holy Spirit, when sought, gives special insights and knowledge to Godly pastors and teachers. The result is a deeper understanding of God, His purpose, and our individual calling. We are focused on the Truth: God’s plan for His creation as revealed in scripture. We believe the Bible is a God-given, living document relevant to every situation and need known to mankind. We seek spiritually grounded people using God’s word to guide our lives. It is our objective to equip every person in our fellowship with the spiritual knowledge that produces spiritual fruit.

Honest Answers

You can see right through us.

We understand you may have some questions. You may find our worship different than what you’ve been used to in the past. You may wonder what we believe and why we do what we do. Please, ask your questions. We won’t dodge them. Instead, we’ll respond with complete transparency. In our assembly, authenticity is critical. We’ve all had enough of people saying one thing and doing another. In fact, some of Jesus’ harshest criticism was directed at those he deemed hypocrites. This doesn’t mean we never mess up. We’re just honest about it when we do.

Missional Living

When it comes to our faith, we’re really … out there!

We believe we are the heart and hands of Jesus in our community. All the knowledge in the world is useless unless it leads us into the lives of those who need to feel the tangible effect of God’s love. We like to say we rally to the needs of those within and without our church. We seek the lonely, struggling, and addicted so we can share the life altering power of Jesus. It’s what we do. It’s why we’re … out there.

Joyous Praise

Sometimes we just have to sing and shout about God’s love. Literally.

We are a vibrant church alive with gratitude and awe that a merciful God has set us free and changed our lives forever. Our worship is a joyful and meaningful experience. Our music, upbeat and contemporary, celebrates our love and excitement for Jesus. We encourage a balanced approach to worship, with each person participating as the spirit guides them. For some, that means raising hands and praising God. For others, it means sitting and quietly contemplating God’s mercy and goodness. It’s your choice.