Our Mission

We are a vibrant family of believers with a gift for graciousness and a passion for sharing the love of Jesus in greater Cincinnati.

Our lives are rooted in Christ. We study His Word to discover His purpose for us. His Word lights the way, empowering us to accomplish His will through intentional acts of service to others.

Our worship is contemporary and uplifting, our preaching is inspired and transforming, our spirit welcoming and authentic. Our desire and passion is to live like Jesus and engage others to follow Him too.

Whether at work, in the marketplace, in school or on the streets, we will share the love of Jesus with everyone in our circle of opportunity. It’s why we’re here.


Our Vision

We are a vibrant church with a passion for responding to God’s command to serve the people in our community. We are the hands of mercy in a hurting city, a place of refuge in a stressful and chaotic time.

Our path of service winds through the needs and hopes of the people we interact with on a daily basis. Our circle of influence is the lost, hurting and struggling souls we graciously welcome without judgment. People know us as a safe place where hearts are being transformed and thousands of lives are being changed by the amazing grace of Christ. We are God’s grace in action.